New Zealand's diverse landscapes, enchanting wildlife and heart-stopping action make it the ideal place for capturing the perfect image.

I think I am just a little bit in love with the South Island of New Zealand. There is a certain quality to the light that exists down there, maybe it’s the sea, possibly the mountains but the natural light just seems to offer that little bit more.

Spectacular Landscapes

From magnificent mountain peaks, to wild coastal beaches, vast volcanic plateaus and vibrant urban centres, New Zealand is the landscape photographer’s dream. Year-round, majestic vistas present infinite possibilities for capturing stunning imagery.

Unique flora and fauna

New Zealand is home to a vast array of endemic species found nowhere else in the world. From the world’s rarest dolphin, to the cheeky alpine parrot or caves of glittering glow-worms, wildlife photographers will find an abundance of unique flora and fauna to photograph.

Thrilling action and adventure

New Zealand boasts numerous opportunities for action photography.

Suspend a bungy jumper in mid-air as they launch from the safety of the platform, capture a jet boat as it ploughs through the raging water, or discover another world deep in the earth on a caving expedition. 

New Zealand's Photography Hot Spots

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