Photography in Paradise

Paradise suggests a happy land isolated from the outside world.
Oh that we could find or visit such a place !

Well it has been suggested that the Paradise Valley near Queenstown is one such place.

I love the description of "Paradise" : " A realm of harmony between man and nature". The perfect explanation of sustainability models for today.

To a visitor coming into the Paradise Valley it would appear to have ticked all the boxes, a land of majestic mountains, river gorges, rich forests thriving wildlife ( well some wildlife ) and kind and gracious people.

For the photograher attempting to capture something of this utopia it can be a fun challenge, an early start and a gamble on suitable weather....however the results can be very special indeed. A recent guest a retired chinese physics professor with all the lenses to boot spent a day with us captivated as low cloud and mist pealed back to reveal those magical mountains and lakes. His wife was so patient waiting , admiring the scenery and exclaiming frequently with her limited english "beautiful".

The Paradise Discovery Tour to this region is just one option, nothing beats Dart River Wilderness Jet into those remote river gorges which you can easily include in the days adventure.

Your'e invited, come and see for yourself ! You don't have to be an expert photograher either.



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