Ski Boot Fitting is Vital in Queenstown Winter Paradise

Your ski boots - will they make or break your winter holiday? Professional Bootfitter, Tyler Kitchin, shares some insights for 'happy feet'.

“It’s all about the boot” - Tyler Kitchin of Browns Ski Shop, a veteran of more than 7 years of back to back winters (yes, that’s 14 winters in a row….), really knows his stuff.  One of  New Zealand’s most experienced boot fitters, he’s a busy guy during the Queenstown winter but still manages to get in more than 150 days skiing a year, not to forget the occasional day wrestling alligators.

Tyler splits his time between Queenstown’s alpine paradise and ‘skiing cowboy country’ - Steamboat Springs, Colorado where he learnt his craft.  “It’s a very specific skill, and a profession that takes a lot of practice and passion.  Boots are far more important than anything else you’re going to buy.”

How can skiers be sure to have happy feet?  “Regardless of brand, it comes down to the right fit for your foot”.  Once the correct boot has been selected, the first thing to do is to make a custom insole.  “This is what really makes the boot yours”.   From custom insoles to custom modifications, Tyler uses his skills to alter the shell and liner to fit  your specific needs.  Comfort is always key.  He can even improve the way you ski!

Boot fitting technology starts from the sole up, literally.  At Browns Ski Shop in addition to Tyler and his highly experienced colleagues, there is a full Sidas Custom boot lab with every tool you can possibly imagine for a successful boot fitting session.  When you add this to a handpicked selection of boots and brands to cover pretty much any foot shape imaginable, you can see why Browns can make such a bold promise as to guarantee their customers will be happy with the fit of their new boots or their money back.

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