Craters of the Moon

Explore a cratered valley that's hissing with clouds of steam. Feel the heat of the earth at the edge of the track, and peer from viewing platforms into cauldrons of boiling mud.

In the 1950s a large area of land north of Taupo suddenly began to get hot and emit steam. Craters of boiling mud emerged, along with other geothermal phenomena. And so the Craters of the Moon was born.

The event was triggered by the lowering of underground water pressure by a nearby geothermal power station. Superheated water rose to the surface, escaping through any vent it could find.

Wooden walkways have been constructed to protect visitors from the heat of the soil. These are regularly moved as new vents emerge. One minute you're in clear air marveling at the eerie steam clouds, then with a shift in the breeze you're enveloped in a cloud and your sunglasses are completely fogged up.

The tracks lead to several viewing platforms on the edge of large craters. From here the relentless power of the earth's fiery core becomes truly apparent. Clouds of slightly sulphurous steam swirl all around you. There's a primeval appeal to this geothermal mayhem, and you can't resist breathing deep and pushing your face forward for more of nature's free health spa therapy.

Craters of the Moon is a public attraction and charges a small fee to keep the walkway maintained etc. The turn-off is well sign-posted on State Highway 1 north of Taupo.


When approaching from the North

At the roundabout at SH1 & 5 take the Wairakei Park exit and travel along Wairakei Drive. After the Wairakei International Golf Course turn right into Karapiti Road and travel 1.7 kms arriving at the carpark of The Craters of the Moon Geothermal Walk.

When approaching from the South

Travel 5.5 kms north from the i-SITE in Taupo along Wairakei Drive (or the old SH1 & 5)

Turn left into Karapiti Road and Travel 1 .7 kms arriving at the carpark of The Craters of the Moon Geothermal walk.

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