Dunedin's inner city heritage walks

Two inner city heritage walks make it easy to explore Dunedin's outstanding collection of Victorian and Edwardian buildings.

Following the 1861 discovery of gold in Central Otago, Dunedin was New Zealand's largest and wealthiest city. Over a relatively short time, large investments were made in industry, shipping and commerce which resulted in the construction of many fine Victorian and Edwardian commercial and public buildings around the city.

Most of these buildings remain today, and it is said that Dunedin has the finest collection of Victorian and Edwardian buildings in the southern hemisphere.

Dunedin's architectural heritage can be explored by following two inner city heritage walks. You'll pass banks, churches, a priory, a gaol, the police station, as well as the impressive offices of traders and commercial companies - all proudly retaining their strong sense of New Zealand history.

Each walk is a little over two kilometres in length and takes approximately one hour to complete. The routes are marked by bronze plaques in the footpath identified as 'Heritage Walk 1' and 'Heritage Walk 2'. Historical information is provided on oval plaques attached to many of the featured buildings.

Both walks are loop tracks and they cross paths on the north side of Dunedin's central Octagon. A brochure is readily available which shows the route of the Heritage Walks, with a numbered key showing the location of each building with a heritage plaque.

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