Makara Track

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Makara Walking Track combines spectacular long-range views with a walk along a wild, west coast beach.

Makara Track is a six kilometre loop that climbs to vantage points with spectacular views. The track returns along the wild sea coast. The extent of the views from this area was recognised as a benefit by historical defence planners. A pa (Maori fortress) site lies on the promontory at the western end of Fisherman's Bay, and gun emplacements at the top of the cliffs mark the position of Fort Opau, which was garrisoned by a hundred soldiers during World War II. Makara Track begins and ends at Makara Beach, 16 kilometres from Wellington. The beach is at the end of Makara Road, which runs from the south end of Karori Road. The track takes three to four hours to walk. The inland section of the track is closed for lambing from 1 August to 31 October. Carry food and drink, as the track does not go past drinkable water.
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