Extending far into the deep water of Tolaga Bay, this wharf is a legendary place to dangle a fishing line.

Allow half an hour to walk to the end of Tolaga Bay wharf and back. At 660 metres in length, this is no ordinary pier. Locals love the wharf because it's part of Tairawhiti history, and because it's a most excellent place to catch a fish.

The opening of Tolaga Bay Wharf in 1929 made it possible for large coastal trading ships to load and offload goods. However, even as the Tolaga Bay wharf opened, improved roading and motor vehicles had begun to compete with coastal shipping. It was ironic that much of the cargo that passed over the wharf was road-making material, used to construct the road through to Gisborne, soon providing an alternate means of transport.

In recent years the wharf has undergone extensive restoration work, which will help to ensure that locals and travellers can dangle a line for many years to come.

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