Discover the historic Tolaga Bay Wharf, one of New Zealand’s longest piers and most popular spots to dangle a fishing line.

When Tolaga Bay Wharf was built in 1929, it was a lifeline for a remote region that had only limited road access. At its peak, more than 130 ships worked the port, bringing in essential farming supplies and transporting locally produced meat and wool.

Today, Tolaga Bay Wharf is no longer a working port but is instead a much-loved local landmark, notable for being 660 metres long and for its robust concrete design. When the wharf was built, it was a significant engineering achievement. Tolaga Bay is not only shallow, but also wide, which means it is exposed to storms and swells. It took three years (and as many redesigns) to complete the wharf, which still stands today, nearly 100 years later – a testament to its skilled engineers and the resilient community it once served.