Dig Your Own Hot Pool at Hot Water Beach

Digging your own personal spa bath in the sand at Hot Water Beach is a kiwi experience you need to try at least once!

Located on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, Hot Water Beach is a popular and secluded spot and due to the geothermic activity going on beneath the sandy shores, unique to New Zealand.

Digging your own personal spa bath in the sand at Hot Water Beach is a kiwi experience you need to try at least once. Within two hours each side of low tide, both tourists and locals alike flock to the natural geothermic beach and dig their own shallow pools amongst and below the rocks in the warm sand. As the hot water spills up from beneath the sand you must be careful not to burn your toes! Spades are available to hire for a small fare, or if you’re tight on change just jump in an abandoned pool, there are plenty around! If you wish to travel by bus, Kiwi Experience bus tours takes you here on their first southbound stop out of Auckland and show you all the amazing things to do in the area.

Hot Water Beach is situated a short 10minute drive to the beautiful Hahei Beach, and the iconic Cathedral Cove which is a 40minute scenic walk down through native New Zealand bush to which you arrive at the secluded beach below. Many people choose the alternative option to reach the famous archway in the rock, by sea kayak. Cathedral Cove Sea Kayaking takes you on an adventure to Cathedral Cove around the rugged coastline, and if you travel onboard with Kiwi Experience they will give you best price guarantee on this adventure and transport you to and from your accommodation. Pull up on the shore and enjoy a coffee, tea or hot chocolate and some snacks before exploring the spot and heading back around the rocks to Hahei Beach.

Cathedral Cove is most famously known for it’s magnificent cathedral-like arched cavern which has been featured in the film ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s video clip for the hit song ‘Can’t Hold Us’. The arty town of Thames is nearby which is popular amongst Kiwi Experience travellers who are interested in a little history and culture.


There are a bunch of cute B&Bs in the area but the most popular spot to stay at Hot Water Beach is the Top Ten Holiday Park. They have modern, clean rooms with a range of options to suit everyone’s comfort level. Kiwi Experience travellers spend their downtime here cooking together in the kitchen, having fish and chips or a burger at the on-site restaurant or having a few beers while stargazing at the clear night’s sky. People who travel with Kiwi Experience also have the added option of being able to stay in glamping tents during the Summer months. The eco-friendly backpacker friendly tents have bed side tables, lamps and even a place to charge your phone. Think luxury camping!

Getting to Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Auckland. If you have your own car, great! Just turn on the GPS and away you go, however if you do not have a car, it can become a little difficult to get to. Travelling with Kiwi Experience allows you to kick your feet up and relax, not having to worry about filling up the car or where to stop next! Our ultimate driver guides will drive you to all the best spots while educating you on the history, culture and uniqueness of our beautiful country along the way.

Check out our North Island bus passes here to get to Hot Water Beach with ease with Kiwi Experience, New Zealand's award-winning backpacker bus.

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