Know what to expect while travelling and follow some simple guidelines to stay safe in New Zealand.

On this page, you'll find helpful information on what you need to know:

Before travelling to New Zealand

1. Check your eligibility

Before planning your travel to New Zealand, make sure you are eligible for travel, meet the visa requirements and have taken the right steps.

Travellers arriving into New Zealand international airports now have the option to complete a digital declaration(opens in new window) instead of a paper arrival declaration, before travelling to New Zealand.

2. New Zealand’s vaccination requirements

COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements for all travellers arriving in the country, including air crew, are no longer required.

However, all travellers are strongly encouraged to remain up to date with their vaccinations before travelling to New Zealand. Vaccination remains a significant tool for preventing infection, reducing COVID-19 symptoms and severe illness.

3. Pre-departure test

To enter New Zealand, travellers no longer need to get a pre-departure test. 

4. Other things to consider before leaving 

For peace of mind during your trip in New Zealand, you may also want to consider medical and travel insurance.

When you're in New Zealand

Once you arrive in New Zealand

Antigen tests

Travellers entering New Zealand will be given a free pack of rapid antigen tests (RATs), with instructions, at the airport.

It is encouraged to take the test on the day of or the day after your arrival and the fifth or sixth day from your arrival date.

Find more information on taking your test(opens in new window).

COVID-19 safety practices in place

With COVID-19 case numbers falling, a highly vaccinated population, and increased access to antiviral medicines to treat COVID-19, New Zealand has removed most COVID-19 restrictions. It is still recommended to practice healthy habits when travelling around New Zealand.

Practice healthy habits

  • While travelling around New Zealand, you should try to physically distance yourself in airports or busy transport hubs.
  • Wearing a face mask is no longer required, although masks are still encouraged in some places such as hospitals.
  • Find further information on face mask requirements(opens in new window) here.

What to do if you develop symptoms

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Look for the COVID Clean Approved logo

Look for the COVID Clean Approved logo(opens in new window) when booking your trip to identify which tourism businesses have declared they are taking health and hygiene measures to help protect against COVID-19.

The COVID Clean Approved program demonstrates that Qualmark awarded businesses have implemented processes that are in line with guidelines set by the Ministry of Health.

Leaving New Zealand

Check entry requirements

The country you are travelling to may have entry requirements in place. Be sure to check the requirements of the country you are travelling to.


  • the official website of the country you wish to enter
  • that country’s diplomatic representative in New Zealand


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