New Zealand as a holiday Destination – why should you visit?

Some reasons I think New Zealand is a fantastic holiday destination!

I started thinking to myself – why should people visit New Zealand? What is it that people love about this place that we all call home and why when they come they don’t want to leave, and when they do leave NZ always has a special place in their heart?

Not that many people need their arms twisting – but in case some people out there are in two minds about whether NZ should be on their list of countries to tick off the list here is why you should come to NZ!

We have something for everyone. If you want a ski holiday or a city break, an adrenaline packed adventure holiday or a surfing holiday, whether you just want to take in the sights and enjoy the NZ culture or party till the sun comes up, have a camping trip and get off the beaten track or hit the tourism spots, want to explore the national parks and experience some of the best walking tracks in the world or want a full on roadtrip with mates, camping, hostels or 5 star hotels – we have it all!

To add to all the stuff you can do here, all the places you can go, and the different type of holidays you can build for yourself you have to consider the people, culture and food. You will experience Maori culture, traditional food and meet some amazing locals along your travels – it is all of this that combines with the sights that creates a recipe that has all the ingredients for a trip of a lifetime.

You will be surprised what you can fit into a NZ holiday. You can visit loads of places easily without thousands of miles to travel – we are one neat package – all you need is a vehicle of choice, a map, great company and NZ is your playground………… just need to get going!

Lucy xx