Unseen Queenstown

Queenstown have plenty of hidden treasures which are unexplored by majority of the tourists. Here we listed few of them.

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the world and it is a general perception that you should do the adventures activities while you are in Queenstown. However there are plenty of hidden treasures which are not famous or unexplored by majority of the tourists. These activities are relaxed in nature and still enjoyable. Let us put down a list of such activities for you all.

Onsen Spa & Hot Pools
You cannot miss this if you are a honeymoon couple. Overlooking the beautiful shotover river, private bathing pools of this Japanese style spa is the perfect relaxing activity after the fun filled day you might have had. You can actually customize your session by selecting maximum privacy or maximum view. With just one push of a button you can retract the side walls and roof of the hot pool to enjoy the beautiful views. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

Hot Air Balloon
We would recommend this to someone who is afraid of skydiving but not afraid of heights. You must make sure that you finish your day early and sleep well because early morning flights of these balloons are a treat to watch. If weather is good these balloon go as high as 2000 meters. It offers spectacular views of mountain range, serene lake Wakatipu and fantastic green ranges. You need at least half a day to do this activity.

Artistic Tours
Have you ever wondered that you can actually have a place where you enjoy drawing paintings and unleash your inner artist? There are communities in central Otago region where you can actually find likeminded people as you and organize a tour to distinct places where you do not need any other inspiration to draw paintings as nature will be the biggest inspiration.

Explore Glenorchy
Not many would have heard about the Glenorchy region. It is located at the northern end of Lake wakatipu and a very peaceful alternative against the ever lively Queenstown. Apart from the northern end of Lake Wakatipu, it also has lots of sheep farms, small flowing rivers and mountain peaks to explore. The route is best explored on the back of a Horse. The horse riding excursions range from one hour ride to overnight tracks in small mountain huts. It is a unique experience all together.

Visit to Vineyards
Most of you know that New Zealand is famous for its wines as well. The weather and the soil are very much suitable for grapes cultivation. The central otago region has many vineyards. A visit to one of them will be a memorable experience. These vineyards are quite huge and the best way to explore them is on a bicycle. There are numerous bicycle tours available to explore the vineyards. You can actually test the local wines straight out of the cellar.

Photo Safari
Ever wondered how to keep long lasting memories of the beautiful and picturesque Queenstown? The evident answer would be photography.  The entire Queenstown and the valley region itself is like a postcard. However some of the iconic landscapes around Queenstown can only be visited through a 4WD safari tour. Hope on a 4WD car and dig in to some of the never seen destinations around Queenstown. This will include some of the famous ones as well such as the lord of the ring trio logy and skipper’s canyon to name a few.

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