4 Hrs 10.4 km


  • Historic ferryman’s track
  • Lava tracks
  • Forest canopies



Traverse the edge of the Rakaia Gorge and marvel at the spectacular geological areas.

The walk starts through forest before climbing to the historic, gorse-lined ferryman's track. Continue along glacial and river-carved terraces to a stunning lookout point.

From there, follow the rim of the gorge where you will encounter spectacular geological areas, including lava flows, before descending into a gully under a forest canopy to the Snowdon coal mines. The entrances to several coal mine tunnels can be seen here, along with the remains of equipment used for extraction.

Climbing back out of the creek, you will come to a junction where the walkway forms a loop. Follow the track to a lookout point.

Route options:

  • A side track off the loop descends to the river (boat landing track 121m).

Department of Conservation

Track conditions often change. Be prepared by checking with the Department of Conservation before you go.

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More information

Getting there

The track starts off State Highway 72 Inland Scenic Route on the northern edge of the Rakaia River, upstream of the Rakaia Gorge Bridge. 

Need to know

  • This walkway goes over private farmland. Keep to the track and do not disturb stock.
  • Dogs or horses are not permitted on this walk.

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