Wellington is home to a number of nature & wildlife experiences, ranging from eco-sanctuaries to kiwi spotting. Many are situated close to the city centre.

Kaka.jpg, Wairarapa

Do you want to see kiwis in the wild? Perhaps experience an ancient-looking Tuatara up close? You'll find all these nature and wildlife experiences - plus more - in the Wellington region.

Zealandia is an award-winning eco sanctuary, home to native birds and tuatara, as well as a state-of-the-art exhibition that tells the story of New Zealand's history and conservation efforts. The predator-free islands of Kapiti and Matiu Somes allow immersive hikes through native bush, as well as night time kiwi spotting tours in the wild. Wellington also has a fur seal colony that is only 20 kilometres from the city centre; and Wellington Zoo is home to a range of fascinating and endangered animals.

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