Situated on a beautiful harbour, surrounded by rolling hills, Wellington is a city on nature's doorstep.

Pukaha Mount Bruce, Wellington

You can visit wildlife sanctuary, Zealandia and see seals on the South Coast all within 15 minutes of downtown Wellington or head a little further afield and spot a little white kiwi.


Just a ten minute drive from the city lies one of Wellington’s true wonders – Zealandia. Tucked away in a lush valley, this 225ha eco-sanctuary is home to some of New Zealand’s most precious creatures including the tuatara, a reptile that roamed the Earth before dinosaurs. Wander through the tranquil sanctuary and keep an eye out for native birds and insects. Take a Night Tour and you might be lucky enough to see the little spotted kiwi.

Pukaha Mount Bruce

Head out to Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre and meet Manukura, an incredibly rare pure white kiwi. She’s not an albino, she’s the product of two parents carrying the extremely uncommon white feather gene, and is the most famous resident of this natural attraction and conservation project.

Seal Coast Safari

Head for a walk or take a Seal Coast Safari along the wild south coast to Red Rocks to seek native fur seals basking in the sun. Spot the South Island and the famous Leaning Lighthouse along the way.

Wellington Zoo

Have a Close Encounter at ‘the best little zoo in the world’. Guided by keepers, these once-in-a-lifetime experiences let you feed a red panda, get climbed on by meerkats, help with a giraffe checkup, get a selfie with a ring-tailed lemur, stroke the cheetah twins or tickle a lion’s mane.

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