The Lord of the Rings Film Tours

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Visit Middle‑earth™ with these iconic ‘The Lord of the Rings’ film tours.

It only took a year and a half to film both ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ trilogies, but the legacy these films have left behind has lasted for decades.

The films were a remarkable achievement for a niche film industry, which rallied itself as if on steroids to create more 150,000 objects and produce the ground-breaking special effects needed to create a cinematic version of Middle‑earth™.

And much of this output is still on display.

Bagshot Row, Hobbiton™ Movie Set Tours, Waikato

See the filming location for The Shire at Hobbiton™ Movie Set Tours(opens in new window). The former film set comprises forty-four hobbit holes, a millhouse, and a Green Dragon Inn. What’s more, to mark the attraction’s 20th anniversary, two hobbit holes have been excavated and authentically decorated by illustrators and designers who worked on the films.

Bagshot Row, Hobbiton™ Movie Set Tours, Waikato

Take a guided tour at Wētā Workshop(opens in new window) (Wellington) or Wētā Unleashed(opens in new window) (Auckland) for a close-up look at select props and costumes – many of which were crafted by hand. For instance, it took two people months to assemble the 250 million plastic rings to create the chain mail for the 'Lord of the Rings' films. A lot of work for what would have been a few seconds of screen time.

A highlight of the Wētā Workshop Experience tour is watching Wētā's artists at work. Their incredible skill and creativity will amaze you, but then so will some of the materials they use. Those Elvin statues: they’re not made of what you think they’re made of. (Spoiler: it’s tinfoil.)

Wētā Workshop Experience Tour , Wellington

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