Vibrant and uplifting, spring in New Zealand lasts from September to November.

Christchurch - Canterbury
Spring time lupins, Christchurch - Canterbury

Below, discover the places and experiences that are highly recommended for a New Zealand spring time holiday. While you might encounter the odd rainy day, you won’t need to compete with the crowds of summer high season.

Temperature & weather

Average daytime temperatures during spring range between 19 degrees Celsius (66F) in the north to 16 degrees Celsius (60F) in the south. Expect a mixture of weather – crisp, sunny days can briskly change to cooler temperatures with spring showers. 

Spring’s blooming outdoors

Spring is our ‘waterfall season’ – the country’s falls multiply with magnificent effect. It’s the most impressive time of year to take a tour to Hobbiton Film Set; the charming bluebells and Middle‑earth™ gardens are in full flower. See glorious 360-degree images of Hobbiton here.

Explore world-class vineyards in Hawke’s Bay as well as their prestigious Food and Wine festival, FAWC, or explore the great outdoors on one of New Zealand’s Great Walks or Cycle Trails.

Unique spring destinations

Travel tips for Spring

  • Booking in advance
    During September and October, booking in advance isn’t always necessary. If you are planning to travel during November, popular accommodation and activities can start to be booked up, so reserving early is recommended. 
  • Our highways are open year-round
    New Zealand’s highway network is nearly always open, especially during Spring. Some roads in the south of the South Island, including the Milford Road, can sometimes be affected or closed by adverse weather.
  • Springtime Skiing
    Depending on snowfall, New Zealand’s ski resorts usually close in late September. The best time for skiing is late June, July and August.

Popular spring activities