The Otago Peninsula is home to breeding colonies of Little Blue Penguins and rare Yellow-eyed Penguins, who reside here year-round.

Experience eco-tourism at its finest. The endangered Yellow-Eyed Penguin (Hoiho) nest in the coastal vegetation in and around the Otago Peninsula, hidden away from other birds and humans. Dunedin is one of the few places in New Zealand to see these beautiful birds in wild, going about the daily business of life on the beaches and amongst the sand dunes.

Little Blue Penguins – the world’s smallest penguin – are also local to the area and can be witnessed returning from fishing in comedic groups or ‘rafts’ as they are known, before waddling up to their burrows to feed their young.

A committed conservation effort by local tourism operators, the Department of Conservation and other groups, have ensured the penguins are protected and given space to flourish.

The best way to observe these birds is with a wildlife tour operator, and you may even see sea lions and seals as well.


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