Christchurch - Canterbury


  • Salmon fishing
  • Aviation history
  • Pottery shop, fruit winery


Will you stop in Temuka to fish for salmon or shop for stoneware? This South Canterbury country town is a centre of angling and pottery.

Bring up the subject of aviation in Temuka and you’ll quickly have an interesting conversation on your hands. This town was the home of Richard Pearse, who raced the Wright Brothers to become the first man to fly. In 1902 Pearse flew his home-built machine for a short distance before landing ungracefully on a gorse hedge. While in Temuka you can visit the Richard Pearse memorial.

Other local attractions include the pottery shop (Temuka is a centre for stoneware production) and a fruit winery. Fishing is big here. The main target is quinnat salmon (November to April). A favourite fishing spot is where the Rangitata and Opihi Rivers meet the ocean.

Functional facts: Approx. population 4050, visitor centre, good range of shops and services.

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