Queenstown scenery 100% uninterrupted!

Skydive over Queenstown for a perfect view. The unique alpine backdrop of an NZONE Skydive has to be seen to be believed.

The unique alpine backdrop of an NZONE Skydive has to be seen to be believed. Queenstown’s jaw-dropping scenery right in front of you; 360° views, 100% uninterrupted!

Try to relax as you are flown to 15,000ft above the dropzone, alongside Queenstown’s famous Remarkables mountain range; with its jagged peaks sharply rising as if you could just reach out and run your fingers along them.

In the 15 minute scenic flight, you will fly around the edge and over the top of the Remarkables. In winter, be sure to keep your eye out for skiers and snowboarders looking very small below you. Standing at over 7600 feet, Double Cone, the highest peak of the Remarkables range, marks the half-way point of your ascent to your skydive altitude.

You won’t be stuck behind a glass window for long as you shuffle your way towards the open aircraft door. While you’re hanging off the edge of the plane, your skydive photographer perched on the outside edge with his camera ready to capture that reaction, try to keep your eyes open – there’s nothing between you and the Earth, 15,000ft away.

The feeling of falling at over 200 kilometres an hour is difficult to describe and will give you complete sensory overload. But to get the most out of this intense, exhilarating experience, make sure to take a look around!
See the towns of Queenstown and Frankton far below with what seems like a small selection of buildings swamped by snow-capped mountains all around. Only a few months of the year will these deep mountain ranges be clear of snow.

See down the long, narrow blue of Lake Wakatipu, all the way to Kingston sitting at the Southern end of the Lake, 30 kilometres away from where you are.

Marvel at the sheer size of Lake Wakatipu as it stretches North, tucking in behind Ben Lomond, standing at 5735 feet tall, and reaching around to the right towards Glenorchy.

Look across from the tree-lined bay of Queenstown, where Walter Peak and Cecil Peak rise up. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the TSS Earnslaw steamship making its way over the lake, a trail of black smoke behind it.
Suddenly a cloak of silence falls over you – you’re parachute canopy has opened. Still over 5,000ft over the dropzone, enjoy the floating sensation as you glide back down to Earth. You may find it easier to admire the view at this point as your lungs can finally take a big deep breath in.

This last five minute calm journey downwards will allow you to admire Jack’s Point Golf Course from above and see The Remarkables rise high to one side as you gently come to a stop at its base. From NZONE Skydive’s private rural airstrip, congratulate yourself on what you’ve just achieved as you high-five your Tandem Master who’s brought you safely back to Earth. Take a look up and re-enact where you’ve just come from and what you’ve seen – WOW…

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