Bluff Oyster and Food Festival

Southland’s most famous export, the Bluff Oyster, is celebrated in style at the annual Bluff Oyster and Food Festival.

The salty seaside township of Bluff is home to this festive winter event.  Located in Bluff and brought to you by the locals of  Bluff with a uniquely Southland flavour.

Complementing the sumptuous Bluff Oyster is a variety of seafoods.  Crayfish, Paua (Abalone), Scallops, Salmon, Blue Cod and Whitebait in abundance.

Local fare that will tempt any tastebuds.  Sought after muttonbird, venison, lamb, beef and pork, all washed down with great southern ales and a selection of New Zealand wines.

Grab your hat,scarf and a winter coat for an event filled day of live music along with oyster opening and eating competitions.  Join friendly locals and visitors for a taste of Bluff.