Here's how you can show respect while travelling around Aotearoa

When travelling, it's often easy to forget that not everyone is on holiday. Be sure to show respect for the culture, nature, and local communities by travelling with an open heart and mind.

Do your research

A bit of research before travelling can save you from some unpleasant surprises. By researching your destination before travelling, you'll have a better understanding of the destination and know what to expect. 

Researching the history of the place is always interesting. Keep an eye out for local Covid-19(opens in new window) restrictions and do some searching for any Rāhui (temporary bans) that may be taking place in your destination. Rāhui are established by mana whenua to regulate human activity for the well-being and protection of our natural resources.

Do Something New

Do something new and rediscover Aotearoa through the many authentic tourism experiences. Make your contribution to the place you are visiting by embarking on a half or full-day experience.

Treetop ziplines and white water rafting to rich culture and heritage, every region has a story to share and something new to do. Learn about the history, connect with locals and experience what our backyard has to offer.

Things to do

Support local

Show your support and appreciation for the place you are visiting by supporting local BUSINESSES

  • Eat local - although it may be easier to hit the fast-food franchise drive-through, dining at locally owned cafes and restaurants is feel good way to support local.
  • Shop local - invest in local entrepreneurs and artists by purchasing authentic souvenirs from community-owned businesses.
  • Stay local - receive a warm welcome and local hospitality by staying at an independently-owned accommodation provider.

Minimise your waste

Cutting down on the amount of waste you create goes a long way in keeping New Zealand beautiful. Try the following tips to reduce your footprint.

  • Pack a reusable drink bottle from home and refill it at a public drinking fountain, a cafe, or from the tap in your accommodation.
  • Carry your own cutlery. It’s handy to have a cutlery set when camping in the wilderness, but also when getting takeaway meals in the city – refusing single-use plastic cutlery is a great way to travel more sustainably.
  • Carry reusable bags. Make supermarket shopping easier and greener by carrying a reusable bag.
  • Find and make use of local recycling centres(opens in new window).

Tiaki Promise

The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now, and for future generations. By following the Tiaki Promise, you are making a commitment to act as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home.

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