This page describes how Tourism New Zealand uses cookies and tracking technologies on its websites or third-party sites and mobile applications on which it advertises and provides information on how users can disable cookies.

A cookie is a small portion of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while a user is browsing a website. When the user browses the same website in the future the cookie data can be retrieved by the website to notify the website of the user's previous activity.

A pixel is a small image on a web page or in an email. Pixels collect information about your browser or device and can set cookies.

Local storage allows data to be stored locally on your browser or device and includes HTML5 local storage and browser cache.

How do I control cookies?

Your web browser can be set to notify you when cookies are used or to refuse cookies. You can access these settings in your web browser. If you do choose to adjust your browser to not accept cookies you may experience some loss in functionality of and its services.

For more information on how to adjust your web browser settings for cookies see

For a guide to online behavioural advertising and online privacy see

Please note:

  • Accepting a cookie does not give us access to your computer or personal information stored on your hard drive under any circumstances.
  • Although you can configure your web browser to not accept cookies, if you do so you may experience a resulting loss of functionality of this website.


Below are some of the Cookies that we and our partners use on this website. The specific cookies we use change over time and may vary from those described below.

Required Cookies

These strictly necessary cookies enable the website to operate and enable features such as identifying what part of the globe you’re viewing the site from, so we can display the best content for you – such as what language you’d like the site in.

Functional Cookies

These cookies help us to improve the site by allowing us to understand how the site is used and how it performs. These cookies include analytics and measurement platforms such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and Tealium.

We also use Hotjar, which provides heatmaps of clicks and actions of website users, session recordings, and survey feedback.

When using third party services from this website, we encourage you to review each such website’s privacy statements and cookie policies to understand how personal information and cookies are used and dealt with by those third parties.

Advertising Cookies

These cookies help us, and our partners personalise ads that are shown to you on our behalf across the internet. If enabled (by opt-in only for EU editions of this website and EU-based visitors), these cookies will allow partners engaged in interest-based advertising on our site to recognise your browser software on other sites too.

The partners we work with include advertising networks like Google, Facebook, Taboola as well as a number of trusted airlines or other partners.

In EU editions of this website and for EU-based visitors, you can change your preferences at any time on whether to allow advertising cookies through manage privacy settings in the footer of this page.