• Forgotten World Highway
  • Whangamōmona Hotel
  • Quirky history


A key highlight on the Forgotten World Highway, Whangamōmona is a charismatic town 45 minutes east of Stratford.

Whangamōmona is famous for its rich frontier history. Frustrated with local councils, residents declared it ‘The Republic of Whangamōmona’ in 1989, and held their own presidential elections.

The famous Republic Day is held biennially in January, and is enjoyed by thousands of visitors. Don’t be surprised to see a flock of sheep racing down the main road during Republic Day, or the new mayor (which may or may not be an animal) being sworn in.

Passports to the Republic of Whangamōmona are available from the iconic Whangamōmona Hotel, which has a Historic Places Trust rating. As well as passports, the hotel provides hearty meals and accommodation.

Whangamōmona is a must-see along the picturesque Forgotten World Highway, on your way to Forgotten World Adventures in Taumarunui.

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