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Whether you're an amateur or a professional, New Zealand is a photographer's paradise and you'll find an incredibly diverse range of targets for your lens.

Mountains and fiords, wild beaches and mysterious forests, farmland and wilderness, wildlife and nightlife will tempt you.
In summer the landscape is bathed in warm, golden light and the evenings are long - in the far south it doesn't get dark until 10pm. Bleached grass contrasts strongly with vivid blue skies and deep green forests.
Autumn announces its arrival with dramatic displays of yellow, gold and red. Although New Zealand's native forest is evergreen, trees planted by early settlers put on a grand display along roadsides and rivers.
When winter arrives, the Southern Alps wear a cloak of snow. Mornings and evenings are painted with purple, pink and mauve. Mountains, glaciers, mist and icy rivers will keep you enthralled.
Spring is spritzed with rainfall. Fern fronds unfurl in the forest, daffodils brighten parks and gardens, waterfalls are full to bursting and wildlife colonies welcome new arrivals.
A specialised photography tour will give you the time and encouragement you need to capture New Zealand's remarkable beauty and distinctive culture.

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