Mangonui's famous fish and chip shop!

Mangonui in the North Island’s far north boasts some of the best fish and chips you’ll find in anywhere. Add in a world-class resort & vineyard and you have a kiwi holiday paradise waiting to be discovered.

This could get ugly, as another chippie probably won the title, but like a de facto couple...we don’t need the bit of paper. The Mangōnui fish and chip shop provide what some say as ‘some of the best fish and chips you’ll find.’ Straight out of the sea and cooked anyway you like, it’s fresh! A visit to this quaint seaside town without stopping at this chippie shop is like going to the Louvre and bypassing the Mona Lisa.

Mangōnui has a fantastic Heritage Trail walk beginning and ending at the historic Courthouse. The trail is 3km long, and some parts are steep, but you will see some amazing buildings dating back to around 1860. How did the town get its name? One tradition tells of an ancestral canoe being led in by a big shark (mangō meaning sharks) least they’re friendly.

There’s an incredible collection of seafaring relics at the Whaling Museum (Butler Point); among the items on display are a large range of harpoons and cutting-in equipment, whale bones, and paraphernalia associated with shipboard life, including a full set of ship's surgical instruments.

A great place for camping is unforgettable Maitai Bay, with two crescent shaped coves; there is excellent fishing, snorkelling and swimming with clear blue water. If you are into the finer things in life, then there’s the 3000 acre Carrington Resort, incorporating a first class 18-hole golf course, vineyard, winery, two championship tennis courts, plus Olympic standard clay and skeet target shooting range.

Taupo Bay is a beautiful idyllic beach with white sand and crystal clear blue waters and a popular surf spot. It's also ideal for surfcasting (fishing) from the beach. Plenty of people consider this area to be the ultimate Northland destination, with something for everyone. “It’s Doubtless a Bay” proclaimed Captain Cook in 1769 when sailing past Doubtless Bay, but now it’s ‘the’ kiwi holiday paradise with beach after beach of velvety sand.

Ok, so to recap you have a great choice of eating places, New Zealand's best fish and chip shop, world class golf course, superb fishing, diving, surfing and bathing. What more is there to a perfect holiday other than snow?

Just a wee bit famous: New Zealand’s best fish & chippie

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