The Bushman Centre at Pukerera

Fancy trying something a little different in New Zealdand? Well don't miss a visit to the famous Puke pub and Bushman Centre!

On our first day we drove north towards Pukekura – a unique ‘town’ north of Glacier Country with a population of… (wait for it) two!! This place seemed a definite favourite of our Kiwi Experience driver, Poncey. We were introduced to Pete Pete – aka Mayor, law enforcement officer, cook and cleaner, gardener and rubbish man! He is also the owner of the Puke Pub and the bizarre Bushman Centre!

The Bushman’s Centre was great, if slightly ‘odd’ with wild possums, pigs, stuffed deer and hunting memorabilia all on display. Whilst there, we watched a film about the advent of the deer farming industry in New Zealand. Despite the tongue-in-cheek music and slightly gratuitous shooting scenes, the film was really interesting. It explained how the introduction of wild deer to New Zealand created a need for hunting and later, as venison became more and more popular, a need for organised farming.

Following this, we were treated to a cold buffet of assorted "road kill", including possum, wild rabbit, hare and wild pig!! Don’t drive past without stopping...Billy Connolly stopped here on his tour of NZ!!!

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