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Camping in New Zealand is a popular pastime. As a land of the outdoors, it's not surprising that a night under canvas is a preferred accommodation option.

There are not many outdoor pleasures greater in this world than sitting around a campfire on a clear-skied evening with the silence broken only by the sounds of shooshing waves or gurgling rivers. For freedom and relaxation and seeing some the most spectacular parts of the country you cannot beat going camping. There are the hundreds of campsites all over the country. Go tenting in the magnificent wilderness of one of the National Parks. Or drive around the coast and talk to the locals. There are places that they know where, if you knock on the landowner’s door and ask nicely, you can get access to gorgeous, unspoilt, quiet beaches – a little piece of paradise.

If you want to be closer to the comforts of civilization, there are many holiday parks that you can stay at with full amenities and lots of activities to content the most restive of children.

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