A boat trip to the Long Island-Kokomohua Marine Reserve is an inspired way to enjoy the extraordinary scenery of the Marlborough Sounds.

The Marlborough Sounds are a spectacular network of drowned river valleys, forming one of New Zealand's most distinctive land and seascapes. Nestled in the entrance to Queen Charlotte Sound are Long Island and the Kokomohua Islands; around them is Long lsland-Kokomohua Marine Reserve.The reserve protects all marine life within its boundaries - not just fish and shellfish, but also animals like seals, penguins and other seabirds that live on the land but feed in the sea.Scuba divers can investigate the reef systems along the north-facing shore of Long Island, around Kokomohua Islands and the charted rock further north. The best diving is at depths of up to 15 metres.Rocky crevices shelter crayfish, the night-time predators of the sea floor. A variety of fish can be seen - local reef fish and visiting predators such as kahawai.Because the reserve is accessible only by boat, the port town of Picton is the best place to launch your expedition to this reserve. The flat landing area on Long Island is ideal for picnicking and swimming, although no facilities are provided.

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