Ice-skating is a fun, accessible activity for everyone to enjoy. Put on your ice skates and glide through Aotearoa New Zealand’s rinks while enjoying incredible views.

New Zealand offers plenty of ice-skating options, including indoor ice-skating rinks and outdoor pop-up ice-skating rinks set in jaw-dropping landscapes. Special ice-skating events include disco nights and lots more. Some rinks have lessons on offer, curling or ice kockey games. 

Christchurch - Canterbury
Ice-skating, Tekapo Springs, Christchurch - Canterbury

Outdoor seasonal ice-skating rinks 

Outdoor ice-skating rinks are popping up in winter with some offering spectacular views over stunning landscapes such as pristine lakes, snow or ice-coated trees and majestic snowcapped mountains.  

Many outdoor ice rinks are only found in winter: 

Bumper cars, Dunedin Ice Stadium, Dunedin

Indoor ice-skating rinks 

For those who'd rather a somewhat warmer indoor session, permanent ice-skating rinks can be found across the country. Many rinks offer ice skate rentals, as well as bumper cars options. Some even have ice-skating events such as night skating. 

Permanent indoor ice-skating rinks around New Zealand include: 

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