New Zealand’s zoos and wildlife parks offer both native and exotic animal encounters. A visit to one is your best chance of spotting the elusive kiwi!

Focused on the conservation of rare species from New Zealand and around the world, many of these attractions are actively involved in native and exotic animal breeding programmes.
The informative guides and keepers are experts in their fields and are only too happy to answer your questions and share their knowledge. One of the broader aims of zoos and wildlife parks is to help people with their natural desire to understand and care for all types of creatures. Chances are you’ll get to feed, pat or even hold some of them.
You’ll find that most animals are in open areas that simulate their natural environments - it’s the visitors who follow enclosed paths within these habitats. Walk inside enormous bird and butterfly enclosures, or view aquatic animals through huge transparent underwater panels. Enter darkened areas to observe nocturnal creatures, or follow tree top walkways to marvel at the aerial skills of primates.

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