Made with locally-sourced ingredients, New Zealand beauty products are a always a hit with shoppers.

New Zealand’s unique flora means that beauty companies are able to harvest or grow ingredients that are found nowhere else in the world. It is these indigenous ingredients that make New Zealand's beauty products effective and popular with shoppers the world over.

Manuka honey

Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native manuka bush. The bioactivity of Manuka honey, referred to as the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF), is associated with the strong antibacterial activity, with higher UMF indicating higher bioactivity. Not just good for eating, manuka honey is scientifically proven to promote healthy skin. Beauty products using bee venom and beeswax are also popular for their deep-rooted benefits.

Pot of Gold, New Zealand

Harakeke or flax

Found widely around New Zealand, harakeke is an important fibre plant to Maori with numerous and varied uses. It was also used for medicinal purposes, its sticky sap or gum applied to boils and wounds, and its leaves used in bind broken bones. Its cooling and healing properties are now being harvested by beauty companies into soaps, hand crèmes, shampoos and arrange of other cosmetics.

Black fern

Also known as the Tree Fern Mamaku, the Black Fern has been used by Maori for decades to sooth and revive skin. Its regenerative properties have lent to its extract being used in beauty products to repair dry, damaged skin, including burns and scars.


Kawakawa trees are mostly found in coastal areas of New Zealand in damp bush. Maori used its bitter-tasting but aromatic leaves to make tea, while its bark and fruit is considered to have medicinal properties. It is useful for relieving the pain and inflammation associated with cuts, abrasions, wounds, bruises, burns, and body aches. It is also known for its analgesic properties.


Known as New Zealand’s Christmas tree, pohutukawa trees blooms with beautiful bright red flowers in summertime. Like many other native plants, pohutukawa is popular for its medicinal uses. Known for its natural toning benefits and regenerative properties, it is a popular extract in cosmetics. You’ll also find its nectar infused into honey.

Sea kelp

Found aplenty in the unpolluted waters of the South Pacific, kelp provides nutrient-rich nourishment for the skin and hair. It also has mild antiseptic benefits.


New Zealand produces some of the best kiwifruit in the world. This antioxidant-rich fruit has high levels of vitamin C, minerals and omega 3 that are great news for skin health. You’ll find its extract used in cleansers, creams and exfoliants.

Mud from geothermal areas

New Zealand is world-renowned for its geothermal activity. While the restorative powers of geothermal waters have attracted visitors for decades, mud from these areas is equally popular for its natural cleansing, antiseptic, healing and rebalancing properties.

Where to buy New Zealand beauty products?

You can buy attractively-packaged, New Zealand-made beauty products from souvenir shops, beauty and department stores around the country.