Hobbiton™ Movie Set in 360-degrees

Get a behind-the-scenes 360° tour, without leaving home.

Take a 360° virtual tour of Hobbiton™ Movie Set(opens in new window). Meander down the famous Hobbiton™ Cutting and deep into the heart of The Shire. Step inside a virtual Green Dragon Inn and explore Bag End.

Click or tap the map hot-spots below then click "Take a 360 tour" to be transported behind the scenes.

Hobbiton™ Cutting

Begin your journey at the Hobbiton™ Cutting, follow the meandering path into the lush pastures of the Shire to see the Hobbiton™ Movie Set.

Bag End

Nestled beneath the outstretched branches of an oak tree is the iconic green door of Bag End, Frodo and Bilbo's much-loved home.

The Evening Banquet

Beside the roaring fire in The Green Dragon™ Inn, guests are treated to a spectacular banquet feast.

Inside the Green Dragon™ Inn

Inside The Green Dragon™ Inn, guests can enjoy handcrafted ales, cider and ginger beer, brewed exclusively for the Hobbiton Movie Set.

The Green Dragon™ Inn

The Green Dragon™ Inn is a masterful recreation from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies. Step inside to visit the bar and view the evening banquet.

Visit Hobbiton™ Movie Set

If you enjoyed our 360-degree experience, try visiting Hobbiton™ Movie Set(opens in new window) in reality.

Set in amongst the rolling green hills of Matamata, Hobbiton™ Movie Set offers daily public tours, spell-binding tales and themed events. 

Explore the Shire™, Hobbit Holes™ and get up close to Bag End where Frodo and Bilbo's adventures began.

Check out The Mill and the party tree and the many unique photo opportunities, then finish the day in the Green Dragon™ Inn. Relax in front of the fire with a freshing pint of Hobbit™ Southfarthing™ and feast on the evening banquet which is fit for a Hobbit sized appetite. 

Matamata is just two hours drive south from Auckland. Why not make your adventure last a full day (or two) and combine the movie set tour with other unique adventures with the tours below. 

Step into the Shire

Green Dragon Inn., Waikato

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