It is easy to get around New Zealand by air. Find out how to book and what to expect when you fly domestically.

Domestic flights in New Zealand are easy to organise and very affordable, making air transport a popular choice for travel around the country. You can fly between all New Zealand’s cities and most major towns using domestic air services.

The main airlines offering domestic flights in New Zealand are:

Their services are complemented by regional airlines, charter companies and scenic flight operators.

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Booking domestic flights in New Zealand

It is easy to book domestic flights in New Zealand online through the airline’s website. Some airlines also offer call centre help to make a booking. You do not require passport details to make a domestic booking

Catching your flight

Check your ticket or booking confirmation for details of your flight’s required check-in time. In New Zealand, check-in for a domestic flight will usually close 30 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure time. Make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare in case of delays.

You may need to show a form of identification at check-in, such as your passport or drivers’ licence. Your hand luggage may be weighed or checked to ensure it meets weight/size restrictions. At larger domestic terminals, you may need to pass through airport security and baggage x-ray for your hand luggage

On board your flight

You will need to comply with the airline’s rules around masks and/or any other COVID regulations.

Depending on the airline and length of flight, you may be served complimentary refreshments or have the option to purchase these on board.

Airports in New Zealand

Domestic airports in New Zealand range from larger terminals with a range of cafés, shops, and services such as rental cars, to smaller regional airports with minimal or no additional services.

Larger domestic airports also offer member-only lounges for some airline networks such as Air New Zealand (Star Alliance network).

You will find free WiFi at all the major domestic airports (listed below) and some of the larger regional terminals.

Domestic Airports

There are many airports throughout New Zealand, making it easy to get around the country. Below is an alphabetical list of New Zealand’s airports. Click the links or explore the map below to find out more.

Major domestic airports (adjacent to international terminals)

Regional airports (domestic flights only)

North Island

South Island

Other islands

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