A deep amount of Maori culture and history, good food, top-class wineries and stunning surf beaches makes Gisborne in Tairawhiti an ideal place to visit.



Located on the North Island's East Coast, Tairawhiti is a place of rich history it is where the first Polynesian canoes landed, where Captain James Cook first came ashore from the Endeavour in October 1769 and where Maori and European first encountered each other.Gisborne is the first city in the world to see the sun each day and offers a diverse range of activities for visitors to enjoy.

Popular onshore activities in Gisborne

  •  Explore one of the many excellent wineries and discover why Gisborne is recognised as the 'Chardonnay Capital of the World'
  • Surf one of Gisborne's popular surf beaches, local surf guides can take you to the perfect breaks.
  • Embark on a reef tour at low tide and feed stingrays(opens in new window)
  • Explore the stunning lakes, forests and mountains of Te Urewera National Park, the North Island's largest national park. Marvel at the beautiful and serene Lake Waikaremoana
  • Take a Maori cultural tour to learn about the people of the East Coast.
  • Venture on a day trip to admire Tikitiki Church - one of the most ornate Maori churches ever built.
  • Journey to Tolaga Bay and walk to the end of the pier which measures 660 metres (722 yards) in length. 

Getting around

Cruise ships tender at Eastland Port which is 0.5km (0.3 miles) from the city centre, smaller vessels may berth at Wharves 7 or 8. 

A shuttle bus service is provided from the port to the Gisborne i-SITE Visitor Information Centre, located close to the centre of town.

On foot

Gisborne city is easily explored on foot. You will need to have a vehicle to venture to the surrounding areas of Tairawhiti. 


Taxis are available in Gisborne city.

Gisborne Taxi Society can be contacted on 06 867 2222.

Not all taxis accept credit cards. Please ask your driver before boarding.

Car rentals

We recommend rental cars be booked in advance. Find a rental car in Gisborne.  

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