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Flying to New Zealand from the US is a breeze.

More ways to fly to New Zealand

American Airlines commenced their non-stop service from LAX to Auckland in June 2016 and United Airlines launched their flight from SFO in July 2016. Air New Zealand continues to fly non-stop to Auckland from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and Honolulu.

Closer than you think

The average flight time is 12 hours, about the same time it takes to get to Europe from the West Coast. Hop on a plane around 9:30pm, have dinner, some New Zealand wine, and watch a movie before you fall asleep. Wake up to the smell of breakfast being served, and you’re here in New Zealand!

Where do I go?

The majority of flights arrive in Auckland (AKL), New Zealand’s largest city located towards the top of the North Island. Domestic flights connect Auckland with 24 other airports throughout the country. Read about airlines and airports here.

Cruising is another popular way to get to, and explore, the country. Most cruises to New Zealand depart from Australia and the Pacific Islands and some are round-the-world journeys.

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