Pukeiti Rainforest

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Wander the pathways of Pukeiti in any season - there's always so much to see in this spectacular rainforest garden.

One of New Zealand's most acclaimed botanical attractions, Pukeiti is a 320 hectare rainforest park at the base of Mount Taranaki.

Established in 1951, Pukeiti is open all year round (except Christmas Day). The garden is planted so that every season provides a sensational experience for visitors.

In summer, you can enjoy late season rhododendrons, vireyas, kalmias, cardiocrinum and Asiatic lilies, hydrangeas, iris, meconopsis, hostas, astilbes, primulas, begonias, impatiens, herbaceous plants and natives.

Autumn is the time for vireya rhododendrons, hydrangeas, climbing rata, colchicum, Japanese anemones, autumn foliage colour, cyclamen and autumn bulbs.

In winter the displays include early rhododendrons - particularly big-leafs - daphne bholua, mahonias, hamamelis, camellias, vireyas, snowdrops, narcissus, crocus, pleione orchids and cinerarias.

Spring is potentially the most colourful season. Look for species and hybrid rhododendrons, evergreen and deciduous azaleas, vireyas, camellia reticulata, magnolias and michelias, viburnum, prunus, hostas, primulas, native orchids, cinerarias and arisaema (Cobra lilies).

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