Web Services

A quick and easy way to get great content

Tourism New Zealand’s website contains inspiring, up-to-date travel information about destinations, attractions, activities, and accommodation in New Zealand. Much of this valuable content is available, on request, to approved users. It can be used to assist travel marketing, tour planning and staff education.

Tourism New Zealand content is supplied through a dynamic web service API. Our web services use open, XML-based standards and transport protocols to make it easy for users to receive data feeds.

Content available from Tourism New Zealand through our web service API includes:

  • Accommodation listings
  • Activity listings
  • Transport listings 
  • Tour & Sightseeing listings
  • Travel Seller listings
  • i-SITE listings  

The above can all be viewed on newzealand.com, however its syndication via web services is subject to the agreement of the content provider (usually a New Zealand-based tourism business or an international travel seller).

Other content on newzealand.com is not currently available through a dynamic web service API, but may be supplied in other formats on request.

Approved partners are also welcome to request images from Tourism New Zealand via our Visual Library, and to utilise video clips via the 100% Pure New Zealand YouTube channel.

If you are interested in using content from newzealand.com through web services please contact us with information on what content you would like and where you will be publishing it.