6 most unique backpacker hostels in New Zealand

Staying in a hostel in New Zealand doesn't just have to be about finding a bed for the night.

Some backpacker hostels are a unique experience in itself. The quirkiest accommodation can be found off the beaten track, where these lodges usually offer adventurous activities and are also home to native New Zealand wildlife.


Ever wanted to spend the night behind bars like some hardened criminal? Well, you can in Addington Prison, which is now renovated into a backpacker hostel.
Location: Christchurch, South Island



"Rest in peace" at the Tombstone Backpackers. If you hadn't guessed, this hostel has a spooky theme, which is apparent as you enter the hostel through a coffin-shaped door. A unique place to stay if you need to catch a ferry to the North Island. Plus, breakfast is free!
Location: Marlborough, South Island



What's not to love about a floating backpacker hostel? Unless you get seasick… Enjoy a BBQ and BYO on the waters of the Abel Tasman National Park.
Location: Abel Tasman National Park, South Island



Since backpackers love to travel, take the travel theme further by staying in a train carriage.
Location: North Canterbury, South Island



If visiting Milford Sound or tramping in the dramatic landscape of Fiordland National Park, make sure to stay in this eccentric camp full of history and solitude. Leave the rest of the world behind with no cell coverage. You stay in comfortable cabins and have access to the gas cookers, hot showers and lounge with a wood burner. There is electricity, but this starts at 7am then goes off at 10pm!
Location: Fiordland National Park, South Island



If you are still waiting on that acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, then there is an alternative in New Zealand!
Location: Dunedin, South Island

... there is more!

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