8 classic backpacker problems

Backpacker problems: A step below first world problems.

Everyday, a backpacker is going through some tough hardships. Life on the road isn’t just about seeing stunning New Zealand scenery and taking part in adventure activities. Here are some problems every person travelling around New Zealand on a budget must face.

1. Having the same conversation with every person you meet.

2. Making friends only to say goodbye hours after.

3. Having too many ingredients to cook for one so having to eat the same meal for 3 days in a row.

4. Discovering there is no FREE WIFI at your hostel.

5. Sitting down in a hostel in the middle of a group that only speaks their own language.

6. Coping with summer camp type heartbreak once every 2 weeks.

7. Realising that somebody drank all your milk "by mistake".

8. Realising that the only reason you know it is Wednesday is because it's $2 shot night in the hostel bar!

And the problems continue:

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