Admire gardenesque tradition at Hamilton Gardens

Celebrate the 'skill of the gardener' in gardenesque tradition with greenhouses and novelty specimen trees at Hamilton Gardens

The Victorian Flower Garden was the first part of Hamilton Gardens to be developed and really has two themes. Firstly, the garden and Greenhouses featuring plants bred for colour and curiosity; and secondly, a 19th century garden in the English gardenesque tradition.

This kind of design does not seek to emulate nature. Instead it is a display of the skill of the gardener, for example, in the care of exotic plants or the perfectly clipped lawn.

Planting in gardenesque gardens are organised to show the plants off to their best effect, rather than to recreate naturally occurring vegetation patterns. Specimen trees stand alone in the middle of the lawns and brightly coloured annuals are planted en masse in geometrical patterns.

The garden’s location and form have evolved from the existing garden features that were largely developed in the early 1960's. This included many of the elements typical of the gardenesque tradition such as greenhouses, 'smooth' lawn, some novelty specimen trees, formal bedding, mixed borders, shrubbery, and curved gravel walks.

Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton Gardens is a conceptual garden based in the Waikato that explores the context, history and meaning of gardens through time, and from around the world. It is internationally recognised for its unique concept and is the Waikato region’s most popular tourist destination.

Only five minutes drive from Hamilton’s CBD, the Gardens is open 7 days a week during daylight hours and entry and parking is free. Access is off SH1, alongside Cobham Drive on the southern side of Hamilton.  Mobility scooters, wheelchairs and pushchairs are available to hire and guided tours are available.