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Peter-Ray of Browns Boutique Hotel shares some of his personal experiences and insight into life in Queenstown. He has always had a love of people...

You know that sometimes when you visit a new country it is often difficult to relate to the locals, especially when it come to Hospitality. We live in such a multi-cultural world and hospitality, no matter wherever you are, attracts a vibrant and diverse cross section of the world. 

As the world becomes smaller and more accessible, travellers are wanting more of a genuine and unique experience, a glimpse perhaps into what it is like to exist in this new place. Something more personal if not bespoke. After all, when you return home it's nice to have the photos and the social media posts but for me it's all about the people I have met, and shared the journey with that offer the most satisfying memories.

I finally gravitated to Queenstown permanently in 2006 after having travelled down from the North to paraglide for the previous 10 years or so. I fell in love with the outdoors, the breathtaking lanscapes and the four seasons that the Southern Lakes area affords. Having just been remarried (to a Chinese tennis Champion) it was not difficult for us to intergrate into the Queenstown way of life, as sports always bring people together no matter where you are! I rediscovered hunting, diving and wild food gathering in general and always take every opportunity I have to escape into the mountains or get back in touch with the "real world". The freedom one feels under the ocean or the Southern Beech canopy just cannot be replicated. What a place to recharge the batteries!

The return to Hospitality was almost by accident. Having been immersed in Bars and Hotels in the early 1980's, interrupted by a stint as a professional Auckland City Firefighter, Property Developer and Real Estate Company Owner, it seemed apt that I returned to the Hotel business. When my brother-in-law had this great idea to buy a Hotel business and for me to join him, well it seemed a no-brainer. Actually when I look back, virtually everything I had done previously had been in the service Industry, helping people. Cutting trapped people out of crashed vehicles, helping them achieve their dream home, or helping them buy their next dream always has been about people. 

So the opportunity came along to Co-own and Manage the beautiful Browns Boutique Hotel and here I am. Ready to answer all of your questions in my uniquely "Kiwi way". Ready to share my experiences, travels and tales so that you can take away more than a snippet of what growing up and living in New Zealand is all about. So come visit me and the family here at Browns because....we love people...and were locals!

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