Dunedin Street Art

A stroke of genius in Dunedin has spawned a street art movement. Great promotion for the city, this art is building community and brightening walls.

A few short years ago, Luke Johnson of Brand Aid commissioned the pictured artwork for the wall of his Bath Street premises. The work, by Belgian street artist ROA, commanded attention - so much so that building owners, street art enthusiasts and the Dunedin City Council sat down and decided to encourage some more.

A street art festival was held alongside the first Vogel Street Party, in October 2014. Fifteen or so artists from New Zealand and around the world were commissioned to do large works, mostly in and around Dunedin's warehouse precinct.

Championed by the group Dunedin Street Art, and supported by building owners, fundraising, donations, crowd-sourcing, sponsorship and grants, the street art just keeps on coming. The latest Street Art Trail map lists 25 artworks downtown.

The image of a serpent eating its tail is an ancient symbol of renewal; ROA's Tuatara - a New Zealand lizard - is the perfect metaphor for developments in Dunedin today. Grab a map from the Dunedin i-Site, or learn more on a City Walks Smart City Walk tour. 

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