Family Fascination in Wanaka

A family holiday in Wanaka is fun, fascinating and most of all relaxing. Fly into Christchurch. Drive to Wanaka. So easy.

It is always good when the kids are fascinated, amused and captivated on holiday.  That is how they were at Puzzling World in Wanaka as they were entertained for hours on end.

As a family we needed a break and the South Island of New Zealand was a convenient and safe option for us.

‘All aboard’ for Christchurch:  It was easy to fly into Christchurch and we grabbed a rental car at the airport.  With keys in hand we headed south through the heart of the South Island.  

The direct drive from Christchurch to Wanaka is about 6 hours but we were in holiday mode.  So we stopped overnight at Mount Cook before continuing south through jaw-dropping Alps and scenic beauty. 

Our destination was Wanaka.  Small, boutique and chic.  Plus packed with just enough activities and attractions to keep us holiday-makers happy.

We checked into our two-bedroom apartment at Edgewater which, funnily enough is actually on the edge of the lake.  The brochure and website were right.  The apartment was perfect.  The kids had their own room (with bathroom –yeah) while we enjoyed the spacious main bedroom, also with its own bathroom.  With the kitchenette we had the flexibility of a light breakfast or snack before doing some more sightseeing.

And so this is how we ended up at Puzzling World. It really is quite difficult to explain…..I can’t compare it to anything I’ve seen before.  Let’s just say it is a cacophony of optical illusions, visual masterminds and frustrating maze trails.  

The kids wanted to stay but we were onto our next stop, the Wanaka Toy and Transport Museum.   Accumulate all your toys from your childhood, all your friends and times by about a million!  This place has almost every toy on the planet.  Fun for all of us……including the nostalgic grown-ups.

Wanaka is definitely relaxing and there is no pressure to be racing around all the time.  One day we just relaxed at Edgewater.  Parked up with our books on the patio, the kids donned a life jacket and went for a paddle on the lake, in the kayaks that Edgewater has.  After lunch we all grabbed ourselves a bike (also at Edgewater) and went for a bike around the lake edge.  Just superb! 

As much as we wanted to stay a few more nights it was time to load up the car and hit the road.  Direction: The West Coast.  That is another spectacular story for next time but it worked really well as we travelled back to Christchurch via Arthur’s Pass.  A really convenient driving loop through the most diverse and spectacular scenery you’ll ever see.

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