Franz Josef Glacier Valley Walk

The Franz Josef Glacier Valley Walk is situated 5km from the Franz Josef Township off SH6. The route follows the riverbed with great views of the glacier.

The spectacular Franz Josef glacier valley walk is a moderate 1 1/2hr return walk up the glacier valley. The walk is not a track but a route that follows the riverbed an uneven surface, which is made up of rock and shingle (the river level can rise suddenly in heavy rain, extra care is required as you may get wet feet!).

The valley was formed by the glacier thousands of years ago and as it has retreated features have been carved into the valley. The terminal face of the glacier is just under 300m above sea level and is one of three glaciers in the world to be as close to the coastline.

It is advisable to visit the Franz Josef i-SITE before visiting the glacier valley to check the conditions of the valley and weather forecast. The route can be closed due to rockfall, flooding, ice collapses or landslides care is required at all times. Do not wlak or climb on the glacier unless you have the correct equiptment and experience it is strongly advised to that you go with a guiding company.

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