It's FREE! It's FUN! It's . . . the Great Lake Taupo Playground Challenge!

One mother, two children, one week, one BIG challenge!! Bring it!!

Playgrounds . . . .

They’re family friendly, fun and free, but just how many do you think there are in Taupo?

Well now they do seem to have a tendency to pop up into view when you least expect it.

There you’ll be merrily going about your day when “What’s this?!? . . “ like the stealthiest of Ninjas one will creep into view and then it’s SHAZAMM! POW! and WHOOP DE DOO HOORAH! there’s another cool space to take the kids (both big and small) to let off some steam.

This led me to thechallenge being laid down to two, let’s say ‘spirited’ offspring (aged 7 and 4, one of each variety) a quest of such epic magnitude, known affectionately as:

The Great Lake Taupo Playground Challenge!!!!!

Can you visit every free playground in Taupo ithin one week?

So, naturally you begin with the main player . . . the one know as The 'Big Daddy Chief Outdoor Fun Palace'.

This is a treat of a playground located on the Tongariro Domain opposite Taupo Library (also fun, free and fabulous).

Recently upgraded, this amazing place has happy kids (not to mention parents/caregivers) literally clambering all over it. Plus, there’s always a relaxed, cool family vibe going on.

There's more than enough clean, green wide open and shaded space within the Domain itself, making it the ideal spot for a leisurely picnic or chilled al fresco catch up once the energetic ones have climbed, spun and swung themselves silly.

With equipment for all ages and physical challenges you can't help but have a blast! There's heaps of hidden nooks and gems to explore making it an essential hide and seek destination.

Another favourite is located at Wharewaka where you can soak up the natural beauty of the Great Lake whilst swinging contentedly in a funky, family sized hammock.

Happy days! With the gently lapping waves creating a soothing soudtrack to some awesome family memory making moments, it really doesn't get any better than this.

A great way to see more of our local parks and reserves is by going along to the 'Neighbourhood Summer Series', a wonderful way to meet the folks and have fun.

So, these are but two of the awesome free play venues that we love to visit. Which is your favourite hidden gem? How many can you get to in one week?

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