Motorcycle Safety in New Zealand

How to stay safe while touring New Zealand by motorcycle. We have a device to show you that can be of great help if things go wrong.

New Zealand Motorcycle Tour SPOT Safety device

When touring in New Zealand, in fact anywhere in the world, you're bound to hit a patch or in New Zealands case, many patches where there is no cell phone signal. The question is, what happens if you're a minimum of an hour each way to the nearest signal and have an accident?

Well we've thought about this over the years and tried different options, but have recently decided on one that is working very well for us and has a proven track record around the world. The new Spot II device aquires a GPS satellite signal when you hit the S.O.S button and contacts emergency services with your location to come and get you.

There are of course other functions such as a help button, we have used this for a non-urgent occassion such as a break down. in our case the device sends the help signal to our office via email and texts our staff, we then call out the AA recovery service and provide them with the exact location.

We have also subscribed to the Tracking Feature, with the press of a button you can tell the unit to send out a GPS location every 10 mins, you share a link to a web address with friends and family and they can now see where you are during the day. Once at your location you press the Check In/OK button and it messages everyone and lays down on the map that you're all good and your day has ended. This can also be very handy for anyone backpacking or hiking in the mountains.

So why use this device over a Sat phone? Firstly price, you can't put a price on safety, but mainly the features of the device, the size of the unit and the fact that even if you have a Sat phone, you may not know where you are making it more difficult for people to find you.

There it is, the Spot Device, check it out at and if you're thinking of travelling to New Zealand for a motorcycle vacation look us up, we hire the Spot device with bike rentals as well as use it on our guided tours.

Safely Ride New Zealand . Live the dream!

You can see how the SPOT device works here; and if you're still not convinced, click here.


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