New Zealand itinerary planning made simple

Independent travelers that want complete freedom of choice and customization can now quickly create itineraries according budget and personal requirements.

Travelling in New Zealand has been made much simpler with the online itinerary planning service provided by Here we can quickly choose from the tourist activities and upcoming events in each region and add one the ones that interest us to an itinerary.  The web application then optimizes our itinerary with a variety of transport options in order to minimize travelling time and maximize time to do activities.  Reservation of flights, rental cars, campervans and accommodation can be made directly in line with itinerary activities based on geographic location and best price deal finding engine from various booking sources.  Additional travel planning tools for New Zealand vacation planning include tips and advice about New Zealand travel, photo galleries and search options.  NZ Your Way serves both English and French speaking travelers with all content available in both languages. For a simple and straight forward New Zealand travel planning solution at the best available prices, it is difficult to find a better alternative.

There are many packaged deals for vacations in New Zealand but to really immerse in the “kiwi experience” one needs to go off the beaten track and discover local cultures. To do this we can find and participate in local events and activities at the grass roots level. NZ Your Way allows us to do this with complete freedom to create an optimized itinerary in order to attend as many events that interest in the time that we have. Whether its adrenaline seeking adventure activities like bungy jumping or admiration of native Maori art, appropriate events and activities can be quickly found and included in New Zealand travel plans. See in real life the beautiful untouched natural landscapes as seen in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies, or watch the legendary All Blacks play rugby on their home turf. Less known local events can also be included gain a unique and real experience in the New Zealand way of life in different regions. All available transport and accommodation options are then searched to find the best possible prices to dramatically reduce travel costs. In a nutshell, this solution provides and simple and intelligent travel planning solution for New Zealand that saves both time and money.


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