Rotorua Unique Geothermal Mud Experience

Feel the earth’s raw power at Rotorua’s most active thermal park. NZ’s only mud bath complex with genuine geothermal mud and therapeutic water.

See, touch and be amazed with the unique geothermal muds of the Hells Gate geothermal park - the black geothermal mud has been used for more than a century in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism, our ice cold white geothermal mud that changes its form from solid to liquid and back again, is used for the relief of burns; and the warm silky grey geothermal mud that gently exfoliates the skin. Hells Gate geothermal park is the only geothermal attraction in New Zealand that produces these three types of geothermal muds making Hells Gate geothermal attraction in Rotorua a unique geothermal mud experience.

Hells Gate myths, legends & history

Hells Gate has been a treasured place of healing and revitalising by Maori for more than 800 years. Maori have used the special muds and sulphurous waters in traditional healing practices for centuries. Since the 1840’s Europeans have found and described the medicinal properties of Tikitere (the Maori name) as “ having quite remarkable curative properties.”

This is a special place of healing and revitalization from the medicinal sulphur lake to the curative waters and muds of Hurutini (geothermal pool). With the arrival of Europeans to New Zealand some 200 years ago, the special qualities of the muds and waters at Hells Gate, Tikitere have been sought after with many properties documented and cures medically certified. Truly the birth place of New Zealand spa culture.

Follow the footsteps of warriors of old through the swirling clouds of steam, past the pool where the Maori Princess “Hurutini” lost her life for her people, see the violent geothermal activity of the Inferno, the Kakahi hot waterfalls - the largest hot waterfall in the Southern Hemisphere and where warriors would return after battle to heal their wounds and remove the “tapu”of war.

Hells Gate Geothermal Mud Therapies & NZ’s Cultural Spa

Immerse yourself in the unique “silky smooth” geothermal mud as warriors and maidens of old have done. Luxuriate in the geothermal MUD THERAPIES - wash away the cares of the world in the healing sulphurous geothermal water - or relax with a traditional MIRI MIRI MASSAGE, based on ancient healing techniques. Connect with this unique land, mud and water and understand the often voiced comment “through hells gate to heavens door”.

The special qualities of Hells Gate Geothermal Mud include:

  • A very strong affinity to moisture in the skin making it an excellent product for promoting regeneration of skin cells leaving your skin soft as a baby.
  • Highly active clay properties in the mud allowing it to easily absorb excess oils and fatty secretions from within the pores of the skin eliminating and preventing skin impurities.
  • Detoxifying and purifying action of the mud on the skin while drying.

New Mud Spa Complex Launches Soon!

Currently Hells Gate is undergoing a major refurbishment and in the early part of 2013 there will be the grand opening of our new complex which will include freeflow thermal spas and mud pools with our very own thermal waterfall. Look for our updates on progress on our website. This large outdoor spa area with new changing facilities will enable Hells Gate to host larger tour groups and revitalise our Geothermal Mud Spa complex. An exciting new future awaits.

Guided tours through this unique landscape take 1.5 hours commencing at 9.30am and 1.30pm daily or embark on a self guided tour with our informative guide map. Interactive cultural activities including carving your own Maori design as a souvenir available onsite along with exclusive Alite Mud Spa Products made with geothermal mud from Hells Gate.

Check our website for further details and information on therapies, special activities and more detailed information. We have a shuttle service from central Rotorua 3 times per day - bookings are essential either by phone 07 345 3151 or go to the Rotorua isite and make your reservation.

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