The best place to stay in Kaikoura

I am a kiwi and found the Holy Grail - well for me - of a place to stay when I am in Kaikoura.

I recently went to Kaikoura to stay and check out the many activities.  I have been there numerous times and always stay at the YHA.  However this time I decided to have a beer at this cool old hotel at number 1 - Avoca Street, The Pier.  

I have NO association with this place at all  - and to be fair it is modest  - however it is right on the water.  It is also old and somewhat historical.  The best feature is upstairs.  Paying travellers can use this old balcony.

Well a few beers later and I am watching a stunning sunset unraveling in front  of my eyes.  Looking west the snow capped Kaikoura mountains with a pink sky.  Wow - all to the music of crashing waves.  Yes the rooms are modest - but you know I would rather an authentic stay over a modern room any day.  No tv in the room which was a bonus.  Shared showers but all clean and the food was fine.  The morning was just a little better though.  I got up for a coffee and sat on the same balcony and watched the sun rise in the opposite direction again listening to crashing waves. No cars, no dogs anything.

A few more tips from my trip:

Seal Swim is a small family run business and it was just excellent.  Up close and personal, let a long-standing Kaikoura family take you out. Good stories.

Food stalls around the corner from my hotel near the seal colony were awesome and a nice way to meet other travellers.

Check Bookme for your bookings.  I saved over $270 NZD using this system. About 30% overall! Most Kaikoura operators have discount inventory on this site.